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Il simbolo della LiFoG


Il logo della LIFOG è cambiato!

Abbiamo pensato di dare un tocco moderno al simbolo della comunità di Utange, con il quale identificare i valori stessi dei suoi appartenenti. LIFOG è l'artefice della trasformazione della propria esistenza, come la goccia d'acqua rende la natura più viva, LIFOG rende la vita dei suoi membri più accettabile nella speranza di uscire un giorno dalla povertà. Il logo richiama un famoso simbolo, quello di Yin e Yang che ha molti significati.

Lascio alle parole di John e David la descrizione ulteriore del logo e dell'acronimo LiFoG che diventerà Fontana Vivente di Grazia.

Dear Captain Claudio and Captain Alex, Jambo! We are happy to know you are doing well. We are doing well here in Utange just working hard at the LIFOG CENTRE. All the children are doing well too. We have received the new logo for LIFOG. It is very beautiful and with a meaning of living as a whole. We believe those drops of water mean drops of new life to the people of Utange. A life out of poverty and ignorance. It is also the taking shape of the Lifog Non-Governmental Organization(NGO). Right now LIFOG is still in the category of Community-Based Organizations. We have made an application to the government of Kenya and are waiting for them to change the old name to the new name. At this stage, only the name will be changed but the category will remain the same. We will inform you when we get the new Certificate of Registration. We are discussing and very soon we will give our suggestions on where to put the full name i.e. LIVING FOUNTAIN OF GRACE. This new name means:
1) It is by God's grace that we met you, Captain Claudio, Captain Alex, and all the friends through Madam Angela Aandolfo and Angela Gallorini. We know God has a purpose for all this. We say this because here in our country, it is not typical for people of your category and social class to come down to interact with people of our social class (the poor), let alone help them identify their talents and develop them. We really appreciate what you are doing for us. We strongly believe it is a special blessing from God our heavenly father, to the community of Utange. We now have hope for a better life and future. So in this case, ''Grace'' means blessing or God's kindness.
2) We dedicate the work to a girl in our village, Grace Katana aged 15 years, who when she heard you were coming to inaugurate the project on 14th March 2007, she alone at that time took the trouble of going around the village and organized the children of the village, who entertained the visitors very well during the inauguration ceremony. The girl has been active since then and is the one who leads the choir of children in the village. It also shows that children have a place in society and are not to be ignored. We owe the success of this work to them too. It is our prayer that this working together spirit will continue and we know that a story is being written day by day in the hearts of many to be told to future generations to come... Say hi to all our dear friends and sponsors. 

Ciao! John and David