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Relazioni lifog - lifog reports

Relazione 2015 - 2015 Report.

To: GliamidiUtange. From: LIFOG


Dear brothers/sisters Jambo to you all.

Its our great pleasure once again to give you annual report on Lifog activities for this year 2015 which is just ending in two months time. This report also includes achievements, challenges and expectations of the Utange community for next year 2016.


  • This is situated-  about 15 Km north of Mombasa town.

  • It is built on an area approximately 2 acres of land.

  • The buildings are permanent- well spaced with large well ventilated rooms.

  • All classrooms have desks for children to sit on and cupboards for children to keep books.

  • The compound is neat- well taken care of by the groundsman who ensures that all litter is collected and burnt instantly.

  • Efforts to have plants and flowers all around the school compound are going on well though this is thwarted by grazing goats which roam about on the school compound during weekends and destroy the plants. The school fence is therefore a priority. We have bought fencing materials with funds from the Aga khan Foundation but still need more funds to complete this project.

  • The school comprises of 12  classrooms from baby class to class 8.

  • The school has a total of 247 pupils, 135 female and 112 male.

The school has 16 teachers and 2 subordinate  staff.

The school will have its first lot of class 8 pupils seating for the National Examination (KCPE) between 9th -12th November this year having a total of 14 candidates.

The examination results will be out in January next year 2016.

  • The school has enough desks for pupils to sit on.

  • The school lacks enough textbooks for all the classes. More library/supplementary books are needed.

  • The school buildings need some repairs of the floor. The walls need some painting.

  • The school drainage system is excellent thanks to Capt. Alberto Caruso for doing  this wonderful job.

  • The Kindergarten block still needs more repairs/reinforcement as it is in a swampy area where water accumulates and surrounds the whole building during the rainy season.

  • The school fence is still a priority- we still need more fencing materials to have all the compound fenced up.


  • This is a great incentive for children who come from very poor family background to have some meals at school.

  • This will promote their concentration span in class and boost their performance.

We pray that this programme is expanded to enable children have breakfast (porridge) and lunch at school for all school days of the week (Monday-Friday).

  • A shelter is needed so that cooking can take place even during rainy days.

The school uniform project was a great incentive to pupils from very poor family background.

  • The proposed shoe project by Mr.Giuseppe Assi from from Switzerland through  the Bata company Kenya is another very useful project for children who finish school to have skills on shoe making – this will provide a way of livelihood for them after school.

  • Sponsored children in primary school who are in the final class this year and will join high school next year 2016  are:-

  1. Alex kingi sponsored by Alex Nicoletti.

  2. Munira Ali sponsored by Sergio Crivelli.

  3. Sharif Mohammed sponsored by Gabriella  Nicoletti.

  • It is therefore our request that sponsors of these children continue sponsoring them to high school. This is the only way to enable these children have secondary school certificates to  access employment in future.


  • This provides free services to students at Lifog Centre Pri. School. The village members are treated at a small fee.

  • This Clinic is one of its kind in this area- providing quality professional medical services cheaply.

  • The clinic receives patients from other villages away from Utange.

  • The clinic has become very popular and sometimes Joshua is called upon at night to provide emergency services i.e. delivery cases.

  • This is another great project for the people of Utange. It is our prayer that more friends join up to support this project.

  • The Utange community would wish that this clinic is expanded with several hospital departments availlable to provide 24 hour services.

  • We therefore pray that more friends even from other NGO’s locally and abroad will be convinced to join and support you in this great project.


The purchase of the TukTuk for Jacob is practical proof that this programme can be of great help to the Utange community.

It is our prayer that more friends will support this programme so that more people can be given loans to start income generating activities. This is the only way to improve the economic/social position of the villagers.


This has been a great challenge to us due to lack of sufficient grazing ground for the cows.

Cows need very close attention in maintaining their health. This service which is provided by the veterinary officer is quite expensive  especially when the animals do not produce enough  milk which can be sold to cater for their food supplements, pesticides and expenses for the vet officer. It is our suggestion that we find a better place for keeping the animals.

We propose that we transfer the cows to Kilifi where there is plenty of grass for grazing. This being a rural setting with large animal farms, vet services are a little cheaper compared to those in town.

  1. WELLS

The two wells have been running very well.

Thanks to Capt. Alberto Caruso for the pumps he brought from Italy. All the equipments brought from Italy for the wells have been working very well with very minimal maintenance. There is enough water for the school and the villagers all the year round. Water problem to the villagers is now a gone case.

We highly appreciate Capt. Alberto Caruso’s efforts to bring these heavy machines all the way from Italy for our use to free us from the water problem. May God bless Capt. Claudio Canton, Capt.Alberto Caruso, Andrea Cavallero and Angelica Cavallero  and all friends abundantly.


  1. The School.

- School feeding programme

- Well constructed drainage system

- Well-furnished library

 - Enough desks/tables for all pupils to sit on.

  1. The clinic

- quality cheap services for the villagers.

  1. Wells

- well maintained with water flowing all the time.

  1. The cow project

- we suggest to shift the cows to Kilifi where they will have enough grass for grazing.

  1. Micro credit

- TukTuk project (Jacob Motondi)

- Charcoal business project(Mtawali kayaa)


The School

    - Teachers need small loans that can help them join colleges for further training.

    - Text books – course books/supplementary books are needed for effective      teaching/learning in class.

    - The school needs a fence for security of the equipment in the school and the clinic.

    - The school feeding programme is a very important programme for children from very poor families. We pray that more friends will support this programme.

    - Frequent repairs for the buildings that are in swampy area.

    - The cow project pose a challenge due to lack of sufficient grazing ground.

    -The Orphanage – There are three children we are taking care of in this programme. We hope that you will be able to get some funds for this programme so that we can do some repairs for the house, buy some furniture and food for the orphaned children.


  • Increase funding of school feeding programme – to include breakfast (porridge) for the pupils.

  • Start the programme for taking care of orphaned children.

  • Provide small loans to teachers to enable them pursue further training.

  • Provide microcredit loans to the community members to start income- generating projects e.g.

 - Farming in Kilifi   

 - Business centre(open- air market)

 - Put up rental houses – These will be in high demand as a result of the University being built at Utange-Majaoni which will admit more than 20,000 students from all parts of Kenya.

                  -    The EPZ  - a textile company by the Indian business community will soon be built at  Utange-Majaoni.                                                                                             

This will provide jobs to more than 10,000 people. These workers will need rooms for renting.

  • A staff room for teachers

  • Cows to be transferred to Kilifi

  • School fence to be fixed.

  • Buying  text books.

We really appreciate your great efforts in supporting the Utange Projects. May God bless you all abundantly.

                        John Katana Lewa 
                        Executive Director




Claudio Canton/Andrea Cavallero/Angelica Cavallero

Gli Amici di Utange - Onlus
Piazzale Stazione, 4
15073 - Castellazzo Bormida (AL)

Utange - Bamburi
P.O. Box 84 - 80100 Mombasa
Intestato a:
IBAN: IT81P0306909606100000128003

Angelica C. mob.: +39 3358487866
Claudio C. mob.: +39 3518744206
Andrea C. mob.: +39 3355643620
David Lewa mob.: +254 727770867

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