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Long-distance support


Some IMPORTANT notes on adoption:

1. Long-distance adoption is mainly for schooling (school fees, teaching materials, uniforms, and shoes required for schooling) and necessities such as visits and medical care, food.

2. Children in need of adoption are identified by the local contact person according to the general criteria set by the project. Pastor David M.Lewa, who lives in the community of Utange and is well acquainted with the reality and needs of the area, undertakes to report the most alarming cases, to collect and send information on the adopted children and their social situation, to promote the planned exchange of correspondence, to manage and distribute the financial aid according to the agreements, to monitor the positive and useful progress of the adoption, to check the schooling and the permanence of the state of need. Confidence in the contact person's honesty, competence, and availability is a fundamental condition for starting a long-distance adoption.

3. The funds received will be used exclusively for the implementation of the development projects of which the child is the beneficiary, including activities in his or her community and school, as well as an appropriate education.

4. The decision to adopt a child at a distance is only a moral and not a legal commitment and is therefore not binding.

5. Each child will have only one sponsor, who may be an individual, a group of friends, a company, an association, etc..

6. The sponsor will receive the child's photograph and basic personal information.

7. The sponsor can withdraw at any time. In this case, it is very important to inform the Association of this decision in good time by e-mail to, so that we can find a new sponsor for the child in good time and without interrupting the child's schooling.

8. The sponsorship may also end prematurely because the child has dropped out of school. In this case, those who wish to continue this experience of solidarity will be offered the support of another child in need.

_____What does a distant adoption mean.

A distant adoption is an act of love towards a distant person. It means to give children or adult person - who finds himself/herself in a particularly difficult situation, the possibility to grow up in their own country, respecting their own culture and his/her human dignity. It means to give but also to receive: to provide food, medicines, and the affection of distant people who care for his growth and participate in his life. Distant adoption is a precious instrument to improve the lives of thousands of people and can be considered an intervention to reduce poverty. All of this is just through a limited and continuous economic commitment: the distant adoption, in fact, contemplates a lasting economic commitment and not just a one-time offer. The adopted person enters inside the balance and the history of a family as a constant presence.

It is not a regular adoption. Between the family and the adopted children, there is not any legal tie, and the child is not uprooted from his culture. He goes on to live in his own country and, when possible, with his own family. With the help of his "parents" or better, his tutors, he can build his future. The aim is to make these children become independent adult people, with a profession or an occupation with which they can help not just themselves, but even their country.

Anyone who is also interested in the laudable initiative of helping young people in their schooling can contact So far 105 boys/girls have found a sponsor. In the list below are the latest adoption proposals. As you can see, there are many. After all, the Utange community offers support not only to the children of the village but also to those of the families it is in contact with. Please read the notes regarding eventual adoption carefully.

(List updated to March 2024, the age is sometimes inaccurate!)


The kindergarten consists of three classes:
PG=PlayGroup PP1-2=PrePrimary 1-2.
Primary & Junior Secondary consists of 9 classes renamed G1-9.

Bank details for adoption payment (reason for payment: school sponsorship for name-surname, year sponsorship for name-surname year ....)

C/C presso BANCA INTESA SANPAOLO in the name of:
IBAN: IT81P0306909606100000128003

PRIMARY SCHOOL TARIFF via PayPal in Europe: € 255 (PayPal retains 1.8% of the amount you send plus € 0.35 i.e. approximately € 5).

For PayPal payments from non-EU countries consider € 260 (PayPal deducts 3.8% + €0.35 i.e. approximately €10)

For bank transfer, the net fee to be sent is € 250.

For secondary school, contact administrators by email (