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First three months of 2024 at Utange


In the period from January 2024 to the present, the Association has made significant strides in its commitment to the community. Important initiatives have been completed, including the installation of a photovoltaic system that supplies energy to the school, the administrative office and the small clinic, ensuring greater environmental sustainability and an improvement of the services offered. In addition, we have made Wi-Fi available for the entire Lifog area, increasing accessibility to the network and online resources. This was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the friendly association "Un Chicco per l'Africa".

This year's visit, in March, was attended by our friend and member, Maurizio Biolo, who not only gave excellent suggestions regarding the work to be done in Utange, but also took thousands of photos, and the best ones will be chosen for a new calendar or photo book on the reality of the place.