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New school textbooks in Utange


Our Lifog school in Utange is celebrating, a celebration dedicated to your generosity, solidarity, and friendship for our association. We are delighted to share with you the exciting development of the school in Utange, which we have been consistently supporting.

This school, located in the African village of Kibokoni, is going through a period of great renewal and opportunity. Thanks to the fundraising campaign we organized in Novara with the help of our friends from Vivicarlino ODV, we were able to buy books and teaching materials for the students.

Together, we hope to bring a little hope to those who believe in the love that unites and in the possibility of sharing a good that multiplies the well-being of all. Our sincere thanks go to the friends of Vivicarlino and the photographer Maurizio Biolo, whose portraits made us appreciate the "serenity on the faces" of the children of Utange.