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Visit to Utange, September 2023 Latest news.


On the recent trip to Utange, Kenya, the following interventions were made:

- Distribution of used clothes and eyeglasses to local people.

- Organization of sports events by a group of volunteers.

- Donation of sneakers and adoption of two children.

- Sorting of sports equipment sent from Switzerland.

- Meetings with teachers to discuss future school issues.

- Problems and requests from employees at Lifog.

In particular, the new Kenyan school system (CBC) has resulted in some changes to the structure of the school in Utange. The primary, which currently consists of 8 classes, will become a school consisting of 9 classes. The extra class will be removed from the secondary school, which will become 3 classes.

These changes will result in the hiring of 4 new teachers and the need to find new funds to pay their salaries.

Detailed description

Arrival in Utange

The author of this blog arrived in Utange with a load of used clothes and eyeglasses. The clothes were distributed to the local people, while the eyeglass frames were delivered to the school doctor.

Visit by a group of ICNM volunteers.

A group of volunteers, led by Alessio Mariottoni, visited the school in Utange. The group organized several sporting events, donated sneakers, and adopted two children.

Sorting sports equipment

Sports equipment, sent from Switzerland, was sorted and assigned to the boys and girls who are members of the school's sports teams.

Meetings with teachers

There have been a few meetings with schoolteachers to discuss future issues. In particular, the new Kenyan school system (CBC) has resulted in some changes to the school structure.

Recent interventions in Utange have helped to improve the situation of the school and the local people. A new classroom will be added. It will be an opportunity for students to continue their education and for the school to expand its educational offerings.

The school is in good overall condition, but some maintenance work is needed on the floors of three classrooms. The orphanage is well run, but the mattresses of the eight beds, which are worn out, will need to be replaced.

The cost of living has also increased in Kenya due to inflation and new taxes introduced by the government. GADU and GADUS who support the school and orphanage are trying to realign their funding to compensate for the loss of local purchasing power.

The school's clinic, run by Un Chicco Per l'Africa, is facing financial problems due to a lack of funds to purchase medicine. Partner school Sea View Academy in Majahoni, which uses the service free of charge, has unfortunately not contributed.

It was decided that if the Sea View Academy sponsor does not contribute, the free service will be removed starting next year. Dr. Kassim proposed a solution in the form of health insurance, which would allow each family to contribute 30 shillings per month.

In general, the Gadu/s associations that support the school and orphanage in Kibokoni are facing some challenges, including the rising cost of living and lack of funds to purchase medicine. However, they are committed to continuing to provide essential support to these communities.

Some additional details:

- The clinic committee consisted of representatives from Gadu/s, David for Lifog, Fulvio for UCPA, and Zacharia manager of Sea View Academy.

- The exchange rate between the euro and Kenyan shilling is currently favorable, which could help offset the increased cost of living.

- Sea View Academy has more than 400 children.

In the second week of their stay, A group of Gadu members and volunteers visited the school and orphanage, distributing clothing and school supplies to the children. The group was led by Gadu vice president Andrea Cavallero.

Teachers and school employees requested a pay raise. The request was prompted by the increase in salary taxation imposed by the Kenyan government. Gadu/s agreed to an increase in basic salary starting in October, and the implementation of payment on their own account of taxes related to the NSSF, the employees' future pension.

A group of volunteers from the Un Chicco Per l'Africa association expressed their willingness to install a photovoltaic system in Utange. For this reason, Andrea Cavallero, Fulvio, the president of Gadu/s, and David, the school director, went to Mombasa to do market research. The research was fruitful, and it was decided to purchase a photovoltaic kit consisting of 12 solar panels, 4 batteries, and an inverter that will be installed at the end of January 2024.

It was decided to give the school employees a 0-interest loan of 20,000 shillings. The loan will be repaid through payroll deduction.

Some expenditures were made to improve the school and orphanage facilities. Among the expenses: a new keyboard for the secretary's PC, a security camera, and rubber gloves and boots for the helper who cleans the toilets.

November and December are devoted to school exams. Seven students sponsored by Gadu/s will finish elementary school this year. The respective sponsors will be asked if they would like to continue supporting their adoptees in secondary.

The Gadu/s delegation's return was uneventful on September 24 and 25, 2023.

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School football teams and the new sport gears
School football teams and the new sport gears
Gadu/s team visit
Gadu/s team visit